Light travelling – undervalued!

I flew to London this morning, to attend the 3P conference on Innate HealthI will be away for four nights, and I must say I am very pleased with the size of my luggage. Travelling light is really undervalued, I must say. I have yet, even though I get better at better at light travelling, to come home without something that could have stayed at home because it simply didn’t get used during the trip. Maybe this trip will be a first for that? There’s one thing I forgot though, my travel adaptor stayed at home. Luckily my Airbnb-host had one I could borrow. I immediately put travel adaptor in the template packing list I just created in Trello the other day. 

I did a post in Swedish with a few of the things I’ve started to pay more attention to before/during/after travels, but I am sure there are tips and tricks I’ve yet to learn, so please share yours, if you have any?

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