Domino chain reaction

This clip show’s the power of chain reactions, and that something small can impact something larger in the most astonishing way.

The take-away-message for me, is not to knock things because they are small.

I am but a human being, what impact can I have, is a thought that I sometimes entertain. But really, watching this really hits home, that yes, one person can be like that mini-domino at the very beginning of this chain reaction. So when that thought comes knocking next time, I’ll gently show it the way to the door again, no need to entertain it anymore. At all.

What’s your take-away-message?

Impossible not to have an impact

Julia Butterfly Hill interviewed by Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity is am amazing podcast that I sincerely propose that you listen to.

You can find it on iTunes or here (where you will also find a transcript of the podcast if you’d rather read):

When I listen to podcasts and stumble upon a gem, I usually make a screen dump on my phone (since I basically only listen to podcasts via my smart phone), and Julia had me screen dump all of eight times. I will not tell you about all of these hidden diamonds at once though.

Julia said something which made me stop, breathe, take in and totally accept what she was talking about, when it comes to having an impact. This is what she said:

… because no choice happens in a vacuum, it is not only spiritually impossible, it is scientifically impossible to make no difference. And we need to deeply get that.

It is actually impossible as a person on the planet today to make no difference, to have no impact. And so the question: ”Can I make a difference?” It is a myth, it is a lie, it perpetuates a disease of disconnect. It makes sure that we are good consumers. It makes sure that we feel disempowered. When we get that every single choice makes a difference, because it is impossible to make no difference, we actually realize that seven billion of us and growing are activists. We are all actively changing the world, even if we do not see the impact of that choice.

And so the question stops being, ”Can one person make a difference?” And the question then becomes, ”Okay, I do make a difference. What kind of a difference do I want to make with the gift of my life? What am I committed to seeing in the world? And how can I have my life be a contribution to that?” So it is not ”can I make a difference?” It is ”I do make a difference.” And we need to deeply, deeply, deeply get that.

Now, given the recent election to the European Parliament, and the hopelessness that I can see as a result of these results, really getting it, that I, that You, have an impact, I think is a huge factor in turning towards a feeling of hope, rather than numbing hopelessness.


Can you see how it is impossible for you not to make a difference in the world?

Part 1, Seth at On Being

Please take a look at On Being with Krista Tippitt, if you have yet to do so. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, and since it’s been published for many years, it’s like a goldmine!

Fötter i snön

During a winter walk 2013 I was listening to Krista interviewing Seth Godin. I have gotten a lot of insight from reading Seth’s work, and if you haven’t discovered him yet, here’s your chance.

He is a marketing guy, but he defines marketing differently, from what normally think about when I think marketing. He’s into making an impact and I am reminded of Jocke Jardenberg who says ”Be honest and do good shit.” when I write this.

Seth says this can be a way to success:

Doing things for the right reason,
for the first time,
in a way that have an impact.

That is, you need to do what you do based on more than your own satisfaction and well-being. If you are the first one to think of doing this, and you do it to better the world in one way or the other – chances are you will build your tribe and be successful at what you do (success for me meaning getting by, not hoarding outrageous amounts of money).

What’s your impact?