Part 1, Seth at On Being

Please take a look at On Being with Krista Tippitt, if you have yet to do so. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, and since it’s been published for many years, it’s like a goldmine!

Fötter i snön

During a winter walk 2013 I was listening to Krista interviewing Seth Godin. I have gotten a lot of insight from reading Seth’s work, and if you haven’t discovered him yet, here’s your chance.

He is a marketing guy, but he defines marketing differently, from what normally think about when I think marketing. He’s into making an impact and I am reminded of Jocke Jardenberg who says ”Be honest and do good shit.” when I write this.

Seth says this can be a way to success:

Doing things for the right reason,
for the first time,
in a way that have an impact.

That is, you need to do what you do based on more than your own satisfaction and well-being. If you are the first one to think of doing this, and you do it to better the world in one way or the other – chances are you will build your tribe and be successful at what you do (success for me meaning getting by, not hoarding outrageous amounts of money).

What’s your impact?

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