21/24 – Your elevator question?

elevator question

Everyone has heard of a thirty second elevator pitch. But have you ever heard of anyone actually getting anywhere with one? Making a sale? Catching a big fish, so to speak?

I doubt it. I haven’t heard of any example at least. Maybe you have?

Anyway. Seth has a suggestion, and I love it.

Rather than go down the Ego lane of making an elevator pitch, get an elevator question instead. Questions are so much more invigorating and interesting than any pitch you might come up with.

And once you have you elevator question ready (or two? Three? Ten?), make sure you have this down as well: Be. Honestly. Curious. About. The. Answer. 

Otherwise you don’t have to bother. People who ask a question without an interest in the answer isn’t much fun to talk to, are they?

Reflection #21 of 24 from the notes I took and the experience I had at the Seth Godin Q&A-session in London, November 2015. These reflections will constitute my Advent Calendar for 2015, and will be posted daily from December 1st to the 24th.

Please be gentle, I’m still learning

”Please be gentle, I’m still learning” Robbie Williams sings in the song Advertising Space. Imagine living approximately forty years before getting that. Forty years before understanding that if I’m not gentle with myself, much less learning takes place. 

If I associate learning with pain, with being chastised, told off, ”I should have known”:ed, do you think my system would be promoting and encouraging learning? 

No. It (I) will run the other way. Shut down, slowly, insights will be fewer and farther apart… or at least, they will be significantly more quiet, almost unaudible. The inner voice of wisdom, of universal mind, will be barricaded, by myself, by my self-preserving ego. The innervoice will be unwanted. Out of fear. Fear of the pain that comes with learning, which I’ve associated with pain, harshness. 

And that will only change once I begin to be gentle with myself. And I speak from personal experience when I say that being gentle with me, is a very off concept for one accustomed to being harsh. Realizing my internal harshness was one of the greatest aha-moments of my life, and what I saw was that it’s not mandatory to be my own harshest judge. Kindness, gentleness, is an option. Also for me. 

This insight has been with me since 2006-2007 sometime, and took place during a therapy session. Since then I’ve practiced being gentle with myself, och it’s something which comes more and more natural to me nowadays. And that’s be reverting back to being more fully me, because I I think it is our natural state. We’re born and created to be gentle with ourselves, otherwise we wouldn’t be the learning creatures that we are, from the very get go. 

Imagine a small child being harsh with herself for not immediately knowing how to walk, run, ride a bicycle. A child is naturally gentle with themselves, trying, failing, falling down, trying again, failing, falling down, trying again…. over and over until suddenly, one step is managed, then two, then all of a sudden, the child can walk, can run, ride a bike. 

What happens to us? Why do we – at least I – stop being gentle with ourselves, and rather start to be hard on ourselves? Is that why children are the greatest learners there is? Not because adults don’t have the capacity to learn, but because we’ve stopped being gentle with ourselves, we expect to get things right away, and we are afraid to try and fail. Because we’ve put another meaning on what it means to fail, than the child trying to learn how to walk, run, rida a bike. We believe it means we are bad, not good enough. While the child simply knows it means that the learning process is still unfolding, there’s more to learn, more to master, before the learning process has manifested into yet another skill. And somehow, adults impose their faulty understanding upon children, creating yet another harsh un-learner. What if we adults instead learned from children what it is we are born to be? Life long learners, where the only prerequisite is being gentle to ourselves.

Please be gentle, I’m still learning. Are you?

Who are you?

I’ve been in a weird dream/awake-state during part of the night, and… really, it’s like I’ve been in that hightened awareness state for the past weeks or so. I’m living in a world where something pops now and again, it’s like a new bubble opens up to me, and life expands.

I can see the shift coming, I can hear it, smell it, feel it and almost touch it. Even though it most definitely is not something tangible. But it’s like Prince Ea stated in the video I wrote about, when he asked:

In the deepest sense possible – who are you?

Who are you?


That’s where those bubbles reside, within that deepest sense of me, the me that is not solely my Ego, but is also that. The me that is not limited by the physical boundaries that I perceive when I look at my  body, but is also that. The me that is a part of all that is, while at the same time bringing a unique flavour to that oneness. It is all of that and it is still more.

And I have to tell you, it is humbling to sense that larger me. It is not something I boast about, but rather I’d like to share with you, the wonder and marvel I feel about what it is I am experiencing.

A friend wrote about the special times we are living in since 2012, where the connection to ”who we truly are” in that deepest sense possible, is more accessible. As if the veil is thinning, as if the oneness itself is assisting in making a bigger shift possible. Perhaps it’s the shift Prince Ea also talks about, where mankind can finally turn into kind man, looking from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

I’m just gonna sit with that one for a while. Because, I fear I’m not making a whole lot of sense, I’m not even sure I grasp this myself. But I woke up just knowing I had to get this out of my system before going about my business of the day. That way this stepping stone is there, in print, making it possible for me to revisit it, and see what state of mind I was at, at this very moment. Or perhaps I’ll never allude to it again, who knows. And who cares, really?

And yet, the question remains:
In the deepest sense possible – who are you?