Brainwashed on all levels

Michael Neill just shared a video clip on Facebook, I watched it while brushing my teeth and I just knew I had to share this with you all, because it sent goose bumps (or God bumps, as a friend calls it!) all down my body. Talk about wisdom, deep deep wisdom ringing oh so true, speaking to me, all of me:

Prince Ea talks about opening to new possibilities, about a mankind brainwashed on all levels, beliving what our culture has told us, forgetting that we create that culture, each and every day, and hence, it’s within each of us to change it, to transform it. He speaks about war and violence perhaps creating short term results, but never, NEVER, getting to any lasting solution.

And he says something else as well, something filled with hope, something that sent shivers down my entire body. He speaks about the chance I have, and you have, and we have, of making a real difference, if we just stop, question that which we have been told to be the truth, and start to look within, looking for that which is looking to the outside. Look for the answer to the question of who I am, who you are, in the deepest sense of the word.

And with hope he states that when more of mankind find the deepest answer to that question, we can transform into kind man.

I’m floored. I’m wowed. And yet, this is not new to me. This is what I believe, and have believed for a couple of years at least. But sometimes a message is delivered in a way that just cuts to the core of me. And this was one of those times. I will carry this with me today. And tomorrow.

And so – the question remains:
In the deepest sense possible, who are you?

4 tankar på “Brainwashed on all levels

  1. Reblogga detta på doverlandblog och kommenterade:
    ”People don´t know what they are doing because they don´t know who they are”…

    Denna måste ses! Så fundamentalt värdefullt inför vårt stundande val. Innan du röstar, känn in och se vem du är/vad du är i din innersta kärna!

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