Who are you?

I’ve been in a weird dream/awake-state during part of the night, and… really, it’s like I’ve been in that hightened awareness state for the past weeks or so. I’m living in a world where something pops now and again, it’s like a new bubble opens up to me, and life expands.

I can see the shift coming, I can hear it, smell it, feel it and almost touch it. Even though it most definitely is not something tangible. But it’s like Prince Ea stated in the video I wrote about, when he asked:

In the deepest sense possible – who are you?

Who are you?


That’s where those bubbles reside, within that deepest sense of me, the me that is not solely my Ego, but is also that. The me that is not limited by the physical boundaries that I perceive when I look at my  body, but is also that. The me that is a part of all that is, while at the same time bringing a unique flavour to that oneness. It is all of that and it is still more.

And I have to tell you, it is humbling to sense that larger me. It is not something I boast about, but rather I’d like to share with you, the wonder and marvel I feel about what it is I am experiencing.

A friend wrote about the special times we are living in since 2012, where the connection to ”who we truly are” in that deepest sense possible, is more accessible. As if the veil is thinning, as if the oneness itself is assisting in making a bigger shift possible. Perhaps it’s the shift Prince Ea also talks about, where mankind can finally turn into kind man, looking from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

I’m just gonna sit with that one for a while. Because, I fear I’m not making a whole lot of sense, I’m not even sure I grasp this myself. But I woke up just knowing I had to get this out of my system before going about my business of the day. That way this stepping stone is there, in print, making it possible for me to revisit it, and see what state of mind I was at, at this very moment. Or perhaps I’ll never allude to it again, who knows. And who cares, really?

And yet, the question remains:
In the deepest sense possible – who are you?

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