Beautiful Sweden

In the middle of Sweden, lenght wise, about 40 km north/inland from Sundsvall, that’s where I’ve been these past days, and I have to say, I’ve been in paradise.









I live at the very southern most tip of Sweden, in Malmö, and I love the scenery in the south as well. Being such a long country, Sweden have such a wide range of natural environments, and I’ve never before been this far north in the summer time. The sun sets, but barely, and that means that it doesn’t get dark at night, see the top picture, taken around midnight or so. Amazing!

I feel recharged and refreshed, and hereby make a promise to myself to return. And I’d love to bring my family as well, because I want to show my kids more of the beauty of Sweden!

Have you ever been to a place like this, that feels like paradise?

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