Moderation or All-or-Nothing?

Today I pushed myself beyond my normal routine of doing a #Seven in the morning (Seven is an app – using the hashtag #SevenApp – which gives me 12 exercises to do, 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest in between each), and did Seven times five instead of just one time around.

I did the workouts that have unlocked in my app (every second month of daily Sevens, a new workout with 12 new exercises gets unlocked):Seven times five
Full body
Upper body
Lower body
Random (random picks of the unlocked exercises, my favorite workout!)

And I have to tell you – that was really nice. I’m gonna try to do a round of Seven times five on a weekly basis, if nothing else for the wonderful feeling I have in my body right now. Arms, legs, chest, stomach and back, well, really my entire body has that heavy feel to it, from being utilized and stretched a bit beyond its normal use.

Doing a little bit of exercise on a daily habit works really well for me. And after 219 days of daily Seven’s I can feel the difference. So much so that today, I was able to do Seven times five, which I would have been hard pressed to accomplish 220 days ago.

Goes to show that a little bit, done in moderation, really does make a difference in the long run. Even though we often fool ourselves into thinking it’s All or Nothing. And I know for myself, that when I set very ambitious goals, and then one day fall through, based on my belief in the All or nothing-scenario, I usually become a drop out from my own goal. And doing these smaller, more moderate habits, have really helped me come to terms with my faulty thinking around All or Nothing, which generally, doesn’t serve me. So, I simply shrug my shoulders at those thoughts, when they come sneaking in, which they do from time to time. But I generally don’t entertain them.

What about you? Moderation rings a bell, or you’re an All or Nothing-kind of person? What usually serves you better?

Help me move!

So, I need your help. You see, my body is telling me that I sit still too much, too long, when I get going on my computer, IPad or IPhone. It’s telling me to move, and I do, but not enough. Because I get caught up in the flow, of writing blog post after blog post, or writing documents for clients, or… whatever, which means I hardly move at all for hours on end!

This summer I got a crick in my neck and back just before heading to London for a weekend course, and then onto a family vacation. Bad timing let me tell you! I went to see a chiropractor and got help so it never got really bad.

I’ve been back to the chiropractor quite a few times since then, and early December felt that it was really getting better. However, you know how it is, Murphy’s Law immediately made sure I was wrong about that. So all through the holidays I’ve had a crick in my neck and back, not really bad, but always there.

I’ve moved a lot, swimming, doing my Seven-exercise every morning and so on, and that I think is the reason it never turned into a full blown torticollis (in Swedish: nackspärr). Privious years when I’ve had this problem I’ve just stopped moving altogether, because it hurts, and that I believe actually just makes it worse for me.

I went to see the chiropractor this week, and now it feels good again after a three week stint. I asked her why I have this recurring problem with my back and neck, and she said ”Well, who knows….” and then I realized: I know.

remember to moveThe week before it hit just prior to Christmas, I’d been sitting by my computer a lot, blogging, writing and whatever I get up to surfing the web, and I also had a short spell last weekend without any pain…. only to have it return over night because I spent a few hours by the computer that afternoon and night (and by few hours…. I’m guessing I’m actually saying like 5-6 hours, in the sofa, with my computer in my lap…).

So. Yeah. I know. I hear you body. I need to get a better work position when I work, not spend too long a time on my Ipad or IPhone to avoid text neck, and more than anything, I need to break my stance and shake it up at least once every the hour!

And that’s where I need your help. Because I forget to move!

So what’s the best way to give my self a reminder to shake it up, do some stretching, go get a glass of water or whatever, for a few minutes every hour? Do you have a favorite app for it, a website that helps, or do you just set a timer?