Help me move!

So, I need your help. You see, my body is telling me that I sit still too much, too long, when I get going on my computer, IPad or IPhone. It’s telling me to move, and I do, but not enough. Because I get caught up in the flow, of writing blog post after blog post, or writing documents for clients, or… whatever, which means I hardly move at all for hours on end!

This summer I got a crick in my neck and back just before heading to London for a weekend course, and then onto a family vacation. Bad timing let me tell you! I went to see a chiropractor and got help so it never got really bad.

I’ve been back to the chiropractor quite a few times since then, and early December felt that it was really getting better. However, you know how it is, Murphy’s Law immediately made sure I was wrong about that. So all through the holidays I’ve had a crick in my neck and back, not really bad, but always there.

I’ve moved a lot, swimming, doing my Seven-exercise every morning and so on, and that I think is the reason it never turned into a full blown torticollis (in Swedish: nackspärr). Privious years when I’ve had this problem I’ve just stopped moving altogether, because it hurts, and that I believe actually just makes it worse for me.

I went to see the chiropractor this week, and now it feels good again after a three week stint. I asked her why I have this recurring problem with my back and neck, and she said ”Well, who knows….” and then I realized: I know.

remember to moveThe week before it hit just prior to Christmas, I’d been sitting by my computer a lot, blogging, writing and whatever I get up to surfing the web, and I also had a short spell last weekend without any pain…. only to have it return over night because I spent a few hours by the computer that afternoon and night (and by few hours…. I’m guessing I’m actually saying like 5-6 hours, in the sofa, with my computer in my lap…).

So. Yeah. I know. I hear you body. I need to get a better work position when I work, not spend too long a time on my Ipad or IPhone to avoid text neck, and more than anything, I need to break my stance and shake it up at least once every the hour!

And that’s where I need your help. Because I forget to move!

So what’s the best way to give my self a reminder to shake it up, do some stretching, go get a glass of water or whatever, for a few minutes every hour? Do you have a favorite app for it, a website that helps, or do you just set a timer?