It all adds up!

I spend part of my days doing small things, average stuff. But I do them, day after day, and there is an accumulative effect of these mundane activities, that generates results that I would not have accomplished without having done them. Of course.

And yeah – it really is of course there, but the thing is – even though I know this, how many years of my life have I lived without doing the small stuff, regardless of what I know or don’t know. (And I do know the effect it can amass over time, and have known for a long time.)

My Create the impossible-project is one of these, where I’ve set myself the target of minimum 15 minutes of cleansing a day, for 90 days, as well as blogging about it. And regardless if I meet the impossible project-goal or not, by the end of the 90 days I will have spent a number of hours simplifying my life, both in my physical home as well as my digital vistas, and that will surely have huge impact on my life, in many ways.

Seven day 184Another of these small and highly average things I’m doing nowadays is my Seven-habit, doing 7 minutes of workout a day, which is something I’ve now been doing for 184 days in a row. And yes. It adds upp. I feel better. My clothes fit me much better. I have gotten stronger. And I really enjoy doing these the exercises, working my body.

And all that from a measly seven minutes a day. I mean, seven minutes – that’s nothing! But having done it 184 days in a row, that’s just short of 22 hours of sit-up’s, push-up’s, jumping jacks, squats, crunches and what not’s. It accumulates.

For me, going to the gym for an hour a couple of days per week doesn’t suit me and my life, so guess what I did all those years before?

Yup. You’re right.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

And now – I do seven minutes, every morning, come hell or high water.

What do you do every day, that in itself if highly average and mundane, but when you stack it all up, makes a huge impact?



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