Silly attachment?

Witnessing attachment all over. Within myself. In my beloved family members. In people standing in front of me in the queue to the boat shuttle to Saint-Tropez. In parents scolding their children at restaurants. 

Everywhere. Attachment to a specific outcome. To a certain way of doing things. Of how to behave, act, speak. 

And specifically – attachment to our own thoughts. If the thoughts we got attached to were thoughts with pleasant accompanying feelings, well, it wouldn’t really be so bad would it? But so much of the attachment is to the thoughts with accompanying feelings leading to damning results. Where I storm off, feeling totally insulted, belittled, ashamed, embarrassed… All because a thought popped into my mind, generating this feeling, and then *magic trick* having me believe in it! How I wish I had a magic trick to reverse that, making me un-believe it. Because so often what I get attached to is just plain silly stuff, that really don’t matter at all in the big picture. What do I want to spend my time and energy on? Attachment to small petty stuff, really not anchored in values and virtues that I would like to be associated with, both when I think about me and when other people do? Or truly, living my values, making them a way of my Now, painting the picture of my every moment in shades and hues of those very values and virtues? Why do I let attachment to silly stuff stop me, from living my values? And does it?

Love or hate?

Watched a brilliant TED Talk during lunch:

Very interesting to hear Jeremy Heiman talk about the difference between old and new power, as well as old and new values. I resonate with the new power and the new values, and there is a lot of recognition there, from my experiences in social media during these past years.

As today is #NoHateSe-day in Sweden, I cannot help but make a connection to what Jeremy also speaks about, which is his point that new power by no means equals positive power. That depends on the values we come from, which in turn is dependent upon a choice we have to make, each and every one of us. Because both you and I have a choice in how we show up in the world.


Do you want to come from a point of hate, or a point of love? For me the choice is easy. I try to come from love, in all I do. And that might sound really hippyish and spaced out, but you know what I’ve noticed? The biggest difference is in me. When I come from a place of love, my life is better. Heck, it’s heaps better! Even when life sucks, and I’m in a bad mood, it’s still loads better, than when I came from a more negative and hateful place.

What’s your choice, love or hate?