Podcast 31/52 – Asking is not receiving

Podcast recommendation 31/52 from the Good Life Project marks the return of ordinary counting in this series. I went off the deep end and named two blog posts after each other number 27… Oops. Anyway. Here I am, back on track full out, it’s week 31 and here’s the 31st podcast recommendation in this year-long series.

BoldomaticPost_When-asking-for-help-make-surSo here it is, an episode from Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, that I listened to a couple of times yesterday, as I was picking black currants. A short riff on something that I haven’t really given a lot of thought to; the difference between asking for help, advice or assistance, and being open to receiving it.

Asking is not receiving.

As I am writing this post I am listening to it once more, and there’s something to this short story that touches me. This sequence in particular makes me pause, and reflect, looking deep within:

There comes a time when you need to stand naked and silent in the room.
To not just lower the shields, but keep them down. 

Are you open to receiving?
To standing naked and silent?
If so, the real work begins…

Just being a person

Just watched this clip:

Am horrified there are so many who do nothing at all, silently they watch, keeping their eyes downcast, not saying anything. Am relieved there are people speaking up once in a while, and elated at the ending:

That was not heroic, that was just being a person.

Ain’t that the truth, and we all have a choice what kind of person we want to be. Martin Luther King Jr said it beautifully:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Watch this clip, and imagine it’s your best friend behind the counter. Would person would you chose to be then?