On judgement


My friend Sus found this Paper-doodle by me in MIX the other day (FiftyThree, check it out!) and pimped it with a toe-tapping highly judgmental Miss Know-It-All. She sent it to me and I was rejoiced! What a great reminder. Because that’s just how I feel at the moment. I fall into judgement daily, especially when checking my Twitter-feed. And then I judge myself for judging and not being compassionate…. A vicious cycle as you can understand. So I’ve decided to skip checking in on Twitter for the rest of the summer, adding this restraint onto my summer social media challenge.

Avoidance? Yeah. Spot on. But why not? I mean, I don’t enjoy a lot of what I read on Twitter at the moment, I don’t enjoy my reactions to it, and I end up feeling miserable, cursing some people, and feeling sorry for others. So why go after that feeling?

Nah, I’d rather spend my time on activities that I enjoy and take pleasure in. Like picking cherries, cooking cherry jam, gooseberry jam and marmalade and picking Bishop’s Weed for tomorrow’s lunch pie, all of which I’ve done today. Good trade-off wouldn’t you agree?