everchangingWe are made to love, to live, to create, to laugh, to cry, to eat, to sleep, to connect, to caress, to be and to do. Journal

In a wonderful mix. Ever-changing.

The Headspace meditation series on CHANGE has really helped me become even more aware of the ever-changing state of mind and body. I often meditate lying down (Heresy!, I hear you say… but hey, whatever works right?). And then I observe that my neck is tense. So I relax, letting my head sink down into the pillow. Continue with the meditation. And all of a sudden my neck is tense again. So I relax. Again. And so it continues.

So far I’ve never been able to spot the moment when I begin to tense up in my neck. It’s just suddenly tense. Even though I know that it’s not like that. There is a beginning to that sensation, and perhaps, with raised awareness I will be able to spot it. One day. Some day. Perhaps. Or perhaps not.

Everchanging. Isn’t that fascinating?

PS – I have three months of free access to Headspace to gift someone. I was thinking I’d give it away to one of my blog readers. Interested? I really want it to come to good use, and Headspace has a ten day free trial, so please download the app and try it out. If, after your trial, you are committed to using it for another three months, give me a holler. Ok?