Podcast 26/52 – on lies

The TED Radio hour from NPR is great. I haven’t listened to the show for a while but figured it was time to provide a new flavor in my podcast recommendations.

I love TED Talks, and have done for a long time. I’ve been watching them for years and years, and almost wonder if it can be as long as it seems, more than 8 years, I know that for a fact. And I also love getting a bit more depth to a TED Talk, and that’s what the TED Radio hour provides me with.

BoldomaticPost_Lying-is-a-cooperative-act-ThThe TED Radio hour on lies is very interesting to listen to. And interestingly enough, although I am a big fan of TED Talks, here’s a collection of five talks that were all new to me! They all center on understanding various aspects of why we lie, and I had more than one aha-moment while listening.

For instance the realization that lying is a cooperative act. Now. I know I live in the experience of my thinking, but I just never really zoomed in with that understanding to the concept of lying before. So yeah, of course the power of a lie comes with someone believing it.

That makes it really interesting though – am I sometimes more likely to believe a lie than not? Surely. Are there people who’s lies I tend to believe more often than others? I would think so. And when am I more prone to lying than not? What are the factors behind my own lies?

Podcast 16/52 – on courage

Until now I’ve given you recommendations from the One you feed, On Being, RSA, Invisibilia (from NPR), Good Life Project, Peak Prosperity and London Real. Today I give you a new podcast in this Sunday podcast tip-series of mine.

A while ago I discovered the TED radio hour on NPR. It’s an hour long radio show, where they find four TED Talks that have a common theme, and make it all into great radio. I’ve been listening to a few episodes lately. Several of them are now on my tip-list in Evernote, where I keep track of the podcasts I’ve already recommended and the ones I want to recommend.

BoldomaticPost_Do-you-notice-the-small-actsOne of the episodes is on courage, and that’s a word and a concept that I think a lot about. What is courage? What makes people act courageously? Here are four takes on courage, from the ability to speak up, to work in war zones, to risk ones life by taking a stand for justice and by simply being a transparent physician and urging others to do the same. Four stories well worth listening to, I know I’m gonna check out the full TED Talks as well, that’s for sure!

And it makes me even more fascinated about the concept of courage. Spotting the grand gestures, the blatantly obvious courageous acts that make the headlines, that’s easy. No wonder we do that. Being easy to spot, they become the talk of the town.

But do I spot the small acts of courage, the ones I’m surrounded with on a daily basis?

This blog post, number 50 of 100, is a part of the #blogg100 challenge currently running in Sweden