A blessed encounter

Yesterday I had an amazing time with a handful of friends, that rock in all sorts of ways. The foremost reason is that they all are curious about themselves. Since that’s the stage of life I am at as well, it’s a perfect match!
And it get’s extra interesting since our selves are so different, we all are living and learning on the edges of the unknown, whatever that is, for each and every one of us. Expanding my horizons and daring to step one inch into the unknown, is magic, but doing it in parallel with other brave exploring unique individuals is so enriching, because their edges and unknowns are different places to mine. And I get to take a small part in their edgy landscapes as well. And let me tell you, that is just awesome!


Wivan-Kristina blogged about meetings and encounters this morning, inspired by our day together, and posted it on Facebook. A friend of mine commented on it, posting and linking to this beautiful text:

A blessed encounter.

We spontaneously decided to get together.
Unwaveringly and with no preamble, we delved into the core questions of existence. In great honesty. With great zest.
We were completely ourselves, we showed our yearning but also our wisdom and uncertainty, trusting and backing each other. There was a deep sense of connection, affinity, solidarity. As if our words were dancing. There was joy but also sorrow. But we allowed ourselves to embrace both, and so only pure joy availed.

“Do you feel this perfume, where does it come from?” he asked.
We didn´t know exactly what was going on, but the three of us felt a soothing feeling of coherence. Of consistency. That nearness felt like music…our words were creating a kind of Symphony – as in the Greek word symfono. Namely, perfect agreement, perfect consonance.
Heartfelt Connectedness in Wholeness.

~ Julien Matei

Honesty and zest, joy and sorrow with quite a dab of anger as well actually. And oh so much embracing! It’s a perfect description of our encounter yesterday.

I am grateful to be a part of such a context. It makes it easier to walk my path, knowing there are people rooting for me along the journey. And if need be, they’ll do more than root for me. That knowledge is priceless.

Who’s rooting for you?