Mirror mirror on the wall

A few weeks ago I had lunch at a café I’d never visited before. Before leaving I stopped by the restroom and got totally perplex, but couldn’t really figure it out… until I washed my hands. Because what I saw then was NOT myself, which is what I’ve gotten used to seeing. Why? Well, simply because there’s always a mirror above the sink in a bathroom. But not here, here I just saw red checkered wallpaper.

mirrorIt’s an insignificant observation, because I had absolutely no problem washing my hands without having a mirror to stare at. (Otherwise I’d be getting really worried about myself!). But it made me realize something which I believe to be quite significant:

When something is so common to us it is just automatic, we stop noticing it.
Not until it disappears, do we notice the void. 

Which means that I go through a lot of life running in automatic mode. And that might absolutely have its merit, but sometimes I think it can turn quite dangerous to my ability to truly live life.

With each passing day, I experience a much greater awareness to the experience of life. An ever-growing consciousness that makes me see, feel, hear, smell, touch, taste and sense more of life.

That way to experience life is there for us all. All the time. Every day. Constantly available. The only requirement to this ordinary everyday miracle is being conscious to what goes on within and beyond you. Are you?

Podcast 3/52 – Selfie anyone?

In this age of selfies, wefies. selfie sticks and the likes, it might be refreshing to listen to this gem from the RSA Events on From the self to the selfie. I listened to this podcast 3-4 months ago. I truly enjoyed the historical backdrop that gave me some new angles to consider while reflecting upon the whole notion of self-love. Simon Blackburn has written a book called Mirror, Mirror: The Uses and Abuses of Self-Love that I’m curious about, after having listened to this talk.

selfiesAnd as I opened Boldomatic to create an image for this blog post (considering ”From the self to the selfie”) this is what’s at the top of my feed.

A world

with a little
less selfies

and a little
more selfless.

Well. What to say other than that I’m hoping more people will listen to this podcast (and don’t miss out on the Q&A starting about half way in, as often is the case, that part is often extra interesting to listen to). If nothing else, because I think it’s too easy a route to take to ”blame the selfies”, judging them and the habit of taking them as being egotistical and self-centered. Without taking into consideration the intent behind it, there’s no way for me to know. And I prefer to avoid unnecessary generalizations, if I can.

What’s your take on selfies? Do you take and post them yourself?
Are there too many of them? Are selfies wrong/bad/evil? What do they tell you about the person posting it?