Yet another farewell

And so it was time for yet another farewell. This time a planned one, as opposed to the chock of having to part with Oliver the cat earlier this year.

rip samiSamifix, our sweet little Samifix, with failing kidneys and a birth defect in his hip bone (causing his hind legs to hang on via muscles only, the sockets and thigh bones were not connected) starting to cause him trouble, so I googled and found a local veterinarian who makes house calls. I made the appointment last weekend, and today was the day.

It felt good, even though it was sad, to have him fall asleep, lying in my lap surrounded by loved ones, in a safe environment. But oh, how I miss him, already!

Now he rests underneath the red currant bush, which is a spot he chose himself. This past month, that’s where we’ve often found him, making a little nest for himself in the tall grass. That’s where he was lying this morning after hubby let him out, resting comfortably in the garden. When I got up from bed, I spotted him and snapped the image below. This is the spot where he will rest, eternally.


Thank you for choosing us as your human family.
You will be missed and remembered, forever in our hearts.
Rest in peace, sweet Samifix.


A steady stream of thoughts

So I couldn’t keep myself from quickly flicking through most of the birthday greetings on Facebook before going to bed.

And you know what? I sit here, writing this, with tears in my eyes. From joy. Feelings of gratitude, love and a great sense of peace. It might seem super soppy but I truly don’t care.

IMG_0149Here’s my take on it:
Hundreds upon hundreds of people, have taken the time to write me a greeting, long or short, on my birthday.

Some people I’ve never met physically. Some people I’ve known since the day I was born or shortly thereafter. Some I interact with on a daily, and sometimes almost hourly basis, and some very seldom. Maybe I write them a birthday greeting, and they write me one.

It doesn’t matter. It’s caring. It’s acknowledging of another person. It’s a message to me that I am seen. I am held. Yeah, it might only take a few seconds. But still, it’s seconds that could have been used otherwise. But all of you chose to give me those seconds. And hundreds upon hundreds of seconds turns into at least a few minutes. So on the day that was my birthday, I was in the minds – and sometimes in the hearts – of hundreds of people, for at least five minutes total.

Is it a wonder that I felt good the entire day? How could I not? With a steady stream of thoughts sent my way, what else is there, but to feel the love, the care, the wellwishes?

Bye bye, beloved friend!

Today is a sad day, as Oliver the cat has left us. Most likely hit by a car, found by an old man out for a walk, who took the time to go knocking on the doors of the neighborhood. Answering the old gentleman with a ”Yes, I do have a red and white cat with a red necklace with a small bell on it”, I still had hopes it might be someone else’s cat.

The trepidation as I walked around the block, only to realize a few meters away, that yes, indeed, it was Oliver, sweet Oliver, lying there, in the grass. Kneeling down beside you. Caressing you. Picking you up with tears running down my face, I carried you home.

Oliver the cat

Home will be emptier without you.
Rest in peace, sweet Oliver.
You are forever in our hearts.