Bye bye, beloved friend!

Today is a sad day, as Oliver the cat has left us. Most likely hit by a car, found by an old man out for a walk, who took the time to go knocking on the doors of the neighborhood. Answering the old gentleman with a ”Yes, I do have a red and white cat with a red necklace with a small bell on it”, I still had hopes it might be someone else’s cat.

The trepidation as I walked around the block, only to realize a few meters away, that yes, indeed, it was Oliver, sweet Oliver, lying there, in the grass. Kneeling down beside you. Caressing you. Picking you up with tears running down my face, I carried you home.

Oliver the cat

Home will be emptier without you.
Rest in peace, sweet Oliver.
You are forever in our hearts.



3 tankar på “Bye bye, beloved friend!

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  3. I have no words for how sad this is.

    I´ve had four beloved cats of my own and two of them have forever a very special place in my heart also because they both died suddenly and at the same time when our home went on fire. A very dramatic experience.

    I would certainly not compare any cat from another. I just want to state, that Oliver took a very special place in my heart and straight away.
    When he stayed with me for a couple of weeks it felt like we were a perfect match in several ways. I brought him here and he just walked out of the cage, into my home and into my heart. Like the sweetest soul. I was stunned.

    Another love in my life, a person, who has no experience with pets at all, fell immediately in love with Oliver the very first moment they met, when Oliver met him at the door – I wasn´t at home – and then jumped up into his knee, lay down and start purring, enjoying the hand caressing his furry body in the most tender way, as the video clip shows. I came home and Oliver met me at the door. I sat down beside my lover and Oliver jumped back into his lap and we just sat there enjoying the moment.

    Oliver was a very special cat. Forever in my heart.

    All my love

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