Yet another farewell

And so it was time for yet another farewell. This time a planned one, as opposed to the chock of having to part with Oliver the cat earlier this year.

rip samiSamifix, our sweet little Samifix, with failing kidneys and a birth defect in his hip bone (causing his hind legs to hang on via muscles only, the sockets and thigh bones were not connected) starting to cause him trouble, so I googled and found a local veterinarian who makes house calls. I made the appointment last weekend, and today was the day.

It felt good, even though it was sad, to have him fall asleep, lying in my lap surrounded by loved ones, in a safe environment. But oh, how I miss him, already!

Now he rests underneath the red currant bush, which is a spot he chose himself. This past month, that’s where we’ve often found him, making a little nest for himself in the tall grass. That’s where he was lying this morning after hubby let him out, resting comfortably in the garden. When I got up from bed, I spotted him and snapped the image below. This is the spot where he will rest, eternally.


Thank you for choosing us as your human family.
You will be missed and remembered, forever in our hearts.
Rest in peace, sweet Samifix.


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