The What of a Transformative Coach

The other week my Supercoach Academy-colleague Steve M Nash posted a link explaining what a transformational coach does, and I rejoiced at the simplicity and beauty of it…. while also succumbing to darker thoughts of envy…. because if ever there was a blog post I wished I had written myself, it’s this one!

He starts of with an introduction, about the anguish of trying to explain what a transformative coach does, and knowing him, I can hear his voice speaking these words:

Steves party piece

Alas, much to my regret I didn’t write that article, but luckily enough, I know Steve so at least I got to read it, and I urge you to do so yourself. It’s a great explaination of transformational coaching, and also points at the amazing potential that is within us all, each and every one of us.

All the links I’ve created within this blog post links directly to Steves post, but just to be superclear, click here and read it for yourself, all the way through:

answer within

So if that didn’t spark your curiosity to contact Steve, or me, here’s a final question for you:
If everything you need is already within you, what might be possible then?