Got a new coach!


Finally, I got a new coach, and we’ve sealed the deal (which means I paid the full amount for 3 months coaching up front). And you know what? I am so excited to start this agreement. I am curious as to what lessons I will learn, what insights I will get, and what might come out of this relationship.

My new coach asked me, during our intake session, what I wanted from her, and I replied with these two things:
1) I want you to ask me the questions that I don’t think to ask of myself.
2) But more importantly, I want you to ask me the questions I am afraid to ask of myself.


She listened to what I said, heard where it came from within me, exhaled and then hummed a bit, before saying ”I love that!”. I am very eager to start, and soon I will, in person, whereas the rest of our sessions will be done over SKYPE mostly, and email if need be.

It’s definitely a hefty investment to make (and don’t for a second think that an investment has to be a monetary one!), but you know what? It’s an investment in me. And I’ve definitely gotten rid of my formerly very strong belief, that I am not worthy of making any kind of investment in my, let alone one this significant. Because I am worthy of it. Absolutely! And so are you. So in what way, and how much do you invest in yourself?