Dare to ask!

I’m discovering something new about myself as I’ve begun to play a game in my coaching, which also means I am pushing my edges by asking for things I’ve never even dreamed of daring to ask. And I discover lots of things as I do this.

pushing at the edge

Firstly that the edge (within me, the one saying ”No Helena, you most definitely cannot ask for That!”) I perceive is a figment of my imagination, created by thought, but it is not and will never be the Truth, something real. It’s made up.

Secondly that I don’t die for asking. No matter how much my inner voice tries to tell me I must not ask for outrageous things. On the contrary actually. Asking makes me feel as if I live even more. And it makes me laugh, as the made-up-edge is pushed a bit further within my imaginary world.

Thirdly it’s a great way to collect No’s. That may sound very strange, but listen to this: Yes lives in the land of No. So if I go in search for the No’s, and even cherish them when I meet them, I’ll gladly go in search for more No’s. And you know what? Somewhere within all those No’s there will be a Yes. And the more No’s I collect, the more Yes’es I’ll encounter!

So, here’s to me asking and asking and asking some more, discovering where my edges are and challenging them, cherishing every No I meet along the way!

What are you afraid of asking for?

The Land of No

There is a statement that Steve Chandler use a lot:20131113-154251.jpg

I’ve been trying this out for the past six months or so, and I can tell you – it has made a huge difference in my life, both privately and professionally.

Then I just read what Seth Godin wrote about what a No really means. And it just gave me even more proof that we need to really start to lean towards our own edge when it comes to No. Be bold. Make requests. Ask for outrageous things. Challenge your own beliefs as to what is a reasonable request – and go outrageous!

Go looking for the No’s, and you will be surprised by, at least, two things:

  1. The discomfort of making requests will shift as you stop dreading the No’s
  2. The number of Yes’es that will come your way

Yes lives in the land of No.
Can I dare you to go searching for some No’s?