Bucket list?

I’ve never had an urge to write a bucket list. No idea why, just never felt like it. Until the other day. Then it suddenly popped into my head as something that I wanted to do. So I did, that is, I started to write one.

Yesterday I told my husband about it and read the items I’d put on it. Opened up for some interesting conversations. That in itself made it all worth it. Good conversation starter!

Then today, hubby told me there was one thing on my list that he would really like to do, and it’s something to do with the entire family. So who knows. Perhaps we’ll all go to this wonderful town within the next year or two:


I visited there in September 2014 and would love to go back. So there you have it, one of the bullets on my bucket list. Do you have a bucket list? And regardless of your answer, why do/don’t you have a bucket list?