Live life or suffer through it?

SoulWalk choicesWent for a SoulWalk with a client, and got to talking about what I blogged about yesterday. Showing up. How it is a choice. And at that, it’s a choice I don’t make just once, but constantly.

For as long as I live, I get to choose over and over again.

Each day, each encounter, each email I pen, each phone call I make, each tweet or facebook-status update I post, each time I have an internal dialogue with myself, each meeting I attend, each blog post I publish. In each and every moment I get to chose how I show up in the world!

And then it struck me that those choices determine whether or not I live my life – I mean, really live life to its fullest, with passion and authenticity – or if I just suffer through it.


To live life. Or suffer life.
It’s a choice.