Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

That’s a great metaphor for life. And to a large extent it isn’t even a metaphor, because the day I stop breathing in and out, life as I know it, will end.

But I see that I can use this metaphor in many more ways than that one. It’s like it applies to everything.

Sometimes I feel really happy – breathe in.
Then I get superlow – breathe out.

Am in a flow at work – breathe in.
Stuck in a rut, not getting anything done – breathe out.

Can’t believe the wondrous relationships I’m a part of – breathe in.
Everyone around me annoys me to pieces – breathe out.


This that has really helped me to realize that it – whatever it is – will pass. I can’t inhale or exhale infinitely, and in the same way, being stuck in a rut will not last forever either. And the real magic to this is that I have stopped mentally beating myself up over it. When I was low in the past I did not speak nicely to myself. And that sure didn’t help me out of it, I assure you.

Being accepting and loving towards myself, regardless of my state of mind, helps me to take the up’s and down’s, the in’s and out’s, less seriously. Because it will pass. Regardless.

Does this resonate with you?