When I was in Seattle visiting a friend from high school, NutriBulletI got to try her NutriBullet for my morning green smoothies, and BAM, I fell in love, instantly!

So when I got home, I immediately started to search for it, and found one that I could order from Halens (Swedish site). I picked it up on Saturday, and have now tried it out a few mornings.

I am so happy with my purchase, and really enjoy making my morning smoothies with this device, quick and easy, fairly quiet, especially compared to the old food processor that I’ve been using until now, and definitely easier to clean.

My very own NutriBlast

I have yet to try doing anything else with it though. According to the folder that came with it, it can also be used for other things, besides smoothies. If you’ve tried a NutriBullet, do you have a good recipe to share with me?