24/24 – Are you a cook or a chef?

We got a final gift. The generosity kept on coming. A beautifully printed piece of paper to remember the occasion by. (As if I would ever forget it anyway?!)

The photo doesn’t do the print justice at all. But my piece of print is being framed right now, so it’s the only photo I’ve got to share with you.london session

The question is this: Do you want to be a cook or a chef?

You see. Seth calls out for more chefs. And I agree. We do need more chefs. But, if at heart you are truly are a cook. Go be a cook, and create a life that matters to you, doing what you love!

But if you are not, at heart, a cook. Don’t settle for it. Don’t listen to the mind chatter telling you that you cannot venture forth and try to become a chef. Because you can. And that, now that I think about it, really sums up the message Seth keeps on hammering out there.

You can.

At least. You can venture forth. You can act. You can also fail. And learn from that. Venture forth anew, course-adjusted based on your learnings. Act again. And possibly. Fail again. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and then… You will see that little by little, you become more and more of a chef. If you learn. And don’t fall for the biggest scam around, ok? Falling in love with a specific way to achieve your goal, rather than setting your hearts desire on said goal, is just not a good idea. Try one way. If it fails. Try another. And another.

If you are a chef at heart – the world needs you. Your onlyness. Don’t cut yourself – or the rest of the world – short. Be a chef. And please, echoing Seth, go, make work that matters.

Reflection #24 of 24 from the notes I took and the experience I had at the Seth Godin Q&A-session in London, November 2015. These reflections will constitute my Advent Calendar for 2015, and will be posted daily from December 1st to the 24th.

Be your best you

Someone rubs you the wrong way. Or annoys the heck out of you. Makes you feel inferior. Or is cold as ice regardless of how loving you try to be, so you say Sod it and start to act less lovingly towards them.

Know the feeling? Been there?

I have.

But lately, I try to be my best me, regardless. Give it some thought, please. Think about the person you want to be. For you. And for others, someone specific or just people in general.

And then think about what is says about you, if you refrain from being your best you because of what someone else is doing or not doing, saying or not saying, how somewhat is acting or not acting.

And I mean really consider this. Why would you let someone else be the driver for who and how you chose to be in the world?

Best youIsn’t that really just absurd? Letting someone else, whose behaviour and action, whose words and reactions, you cannot in any way control or even influence, be the determining factor for your behaviour and action, your words and reactions? It just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. And I guess, giggling a little to myself now that I think about it, that it never did make sense, but I just never thought to question it. It was the way I believed the world was, outside/in, and now that I know that it’s inside/out, there is no sense to it whatsoever.

So really really think about who you are and how you are when you are your very best self. And then, speaking from personal experience, I encourage you to be your best self. Try it out. It’s amazing what changes it evokes, for me at least, and for those around me.

And yup, I fail. Fall flat on my face. It happens often. I behave, act, speak in suboptimal me-ways. But I would be doing that anyway. So why not be more conscious about trying to be my best me, as much as I can? For me, now, that is where I am coming from. I want to be my best me. Because that’s the me I want to be. Not because I want others to like me. Not because I need appreciation from others. Not because I think I’ll get more friends or success that way.

I want to be my best me simply because that’s the person I want to be.

Who and how are you when you are your best you?