For three nights in a row I’ve been unable to sleep. At all. Total insomnia. It’s never ever happened to me before and I have no clue as to why it’s happening now.

I’ve been lousy at good winding down routines these past days though – and hence I’ve made myself a few promises:

1) to stop using social media and my computer at evenings after dinner – including work email etc
2) to get fresh air and exercise daily
3) to rejoin the ‘go to bed by 10 pm’-movement
4) to start to read fiction before turning off the lights, rather than facts – it gets my brain going! (I’ll have to incorporate a reading hour during the day for the other category.)

Now, I don’t drink anything with caffeine and barely any alcohol at all, I eat healthy food, my bedroom is dark, fairly cool and we have a no device-policy for the bedroom already. So that’s not something I need to include, just continue practicing.


What else do you suggest I do?