Checking my Facebook feed I stumbled upon this short videoclip:

It’s a long time since I learned to not keep the tap on while brushing my teeth, and when I meet someone (when sharing living accommodations or staying at the house of family or friends for instance) who keeps the water running I find it very hard not to rush into the bathroom to turn the tap off. So far I’ve managed not to so just that, as I’m not so sure it would be welcome, but then I never really know how to bring it up in a way that might actually raise awareness. Now I do. A one-minute clip, with all the arguments necessary.

We’ve cut back quite a lot of our water usage at home, because there’s quite a lot of water preserving steps one can take, but turning off the water tap while brushing teeth is such a simple first step, that I strongly recommend you try it.

Have you ever given any thought to this equation:
(the amount of water being wasted while teeth are being brushed with tap running) x (the number of times you brush your teeth every day) x (the number of residents in your household) = ?