The angel

For many many years I’ve had a friend, Jenny, who have acted like my saviour many a times. In Swedish we say räddande ängel, literally meaning the angel who saves me. I guess you can translate it to guardian angel as well, only, in Swedish I would say skyddsängel, which is slightly different from räddande ängel. But, I think you get my drift anyway.

Here’s an example: When my daughter was born, my life was in upheaval, as my husband had called me up to break up with me, just five weeks prior to giving birth. Now, that was actually one of the best things that has ever happened to me, ending that relationship, but I can promise you this: being single, undergoing divorce and, to top it off, unemployed, sure wasn’t how I had pictured myself as a first-time mom!

The first days back home from the maternity ward, when my daughter was four days old, I didn’t cherish the thought of being alone. Not because I couldn’t handle my newborn, but rather because I wanted to share her splendor with someone. My mother was working and was going to come down on the Friday, staying over the weekend, but still there was that Thursday night, our first night home. So I called Jenny. And almost without me having to voice my request, she offered to come stay with me that night, and even cooked dinner for us.

20140407-063251.jpgIt was so nice just having her there, and even though this is just one example of Jenny coming to my help, I promise I have a ton of these stores. Luckily I am not in as much need of being saved nowadays, but still, I know she’s there for me. And I sure hope she knows the same is true of me.

Do you have an angel?