The world’s ugliest girl? No way!

Have you ever watched Lizzie Velasquez speak? I have, thanks to the magic of YouTube. Stumbled across her a few months ago, and was touched. She’s been called the world’s ugliest girl, but in my view she’s just the opposite, she’s one of the most beautiful human beings alive today.

Recently, her TEDxAustinWomen have been doing the rounds in my social media sphere, and I just had to watch her again. If you have 12 minutes to spare, I promise you’ll agree with me, that those are perhaps the best spent 12 minutes of your day:

My takeaway message from this magnificent lady is that strength and beauty comes in so many different shapes. Lizzies physical frailty makes her strength and beauty so much more vibrant in my view.

What’s your takeaway message?

Importance of small things

A while ago, I watched the most magnificent act. It’s absolutely astounding, and if you’ve missed it, watch it yourself before you read the rest of this post:  I am amazed by her strength and serenity. Her focus is absolute. I absolutely love how she shows that the weight of a feather, albeit minimal, is of such crucial importance to the whole construction. The construction itself has an organic feel to it, is in constant movement, but stay together until one integral part of it is removed. Enough to collapse the whole structure. This is worth pondering on a larger scale as well – because the importance of the small things tend to be forgotten. We are all, regardless of our assumed importance (position, wealth, status) infinitely important to the whole construction of mankind. For mankind to persist, we also need to understand the importance of all the other small things. Nature is an organic construction comprising of an unfathomable number of things, varying in size from miniscule to immense, and if one integral part is removed – we risk a collapse of the whole structure. Do you ever consider the importance of the small things?