#theconf – day 2

Today marked day 2 of #theconf, and it started in the best possible way. Nina Persson and Motoboy kicked it off by performed an amazing version of Lovefool, listen to a snippet here:

Then Suleiman Bakhit entered the stage and blew me, and the rest of the audience, away, with a story on (hate and) heroism. I can only say this: watch it!

Here’s a positive force in the world, skilled in telling a story, his story, a story of heroism and the positive effect it can have, which you simply have to see. Because what Suleiman gave us this morning and what he gives (especially Arabic) children and youth around the world, is just what we need: positive stories of making a change, on an individual but simultaneously collective level. So do me, and yourself, a favor and watch it!


Do you believe in heroes?