Bye bye 2013!

What a year 2013 has been for me. I am so grateful for all that has happened, but more than anything I am thrilled about my part in making it all happen. Because it hasn’t ‘just happened’, it has been created in the tension that occur where being and doing meet up!

I am zooming out, looking at the year as a whole, and these thirteen instances show up. All of them have been very significant in some way during the past year:

  • Skolvision
    Just before Christmas 2012 Sanna Nova Emilia asked if I wanted to be one of thirteen school visionaries – how could I resist that? During the spring we are hosting three conferences together with other driving spirits from the Swedish school system and I can’t wait!
  • #Blogg100 challenge
    I started to blog daily thanks to this challenge, which to me is the best form of self-coaching and as such is absolutely invaluable!
  • #skolvåren aka school spring
    #skolvåren was born on Twitter at 10 pm in Friday the 15th of February in 2013 – and my life hasn’t been the same since! What a treat to be a part of this phenomenon, and thinking back I have to say that it’s been life changing.
  • Coach Rasmus
    I hired Rasmus Carlsson as my coach with the purpose of building a coach practice, which I am in the midst of. Thanks to Rasmus I have also had the pleasure of experiencing:
  • Master Mind-group
    Rasmus invited me to a master mind-group, and without a doubt this has contributed enormously to my growth as a human being this year.
  • Make a great day
    One of the things I will carry with me forever from this year is the saying Make a great day, which was introduced to me by my friend Inga-Lill.
    Try to exchange a passive word (have) for an active one (make) and experience the difference that can make!
  • SuperCoach Academy 2014
    Rasmus also introduced me to SuperCoach Academy, taking place during 2014, but already in full swing in the virtual world. It’s already affected me and my understanding of the world in a very basic way. Who knows where it will end?
  • Global summit for Transformational Presence Leaders and Coaches
    In March me and another 50 TPLCs gathered in Holland with Alan Seale and David Robinson – since then I am riding my wave of energy AND can put words to the experience!
  • Mentor Max
    In Holland I met my soon-to-be American mentor Max, whose monthly Skype talks give my thoughts something to strain against and also provides me with strength to keep on asking Why.
  • Gotland
    I tackled Almedalen together with loads of school springers and right afterwards I took a week of much-needed vacation on the island of Gotland, along with my family who joined me there.
  • India
    India played a huge part of my professional life, during the first 3-4 years as my own employer, and now, the rest of the family have also experienced this fascinating and unique country. We spent just over a week in Kerala, in the south of India.
  • Clever girl
    During the fall it became more and more clear to me that I am a great coach for Clever girls (a pattern that boys can also attach themselves to) who have come to the realization that it’s a pattern what doesn’t fully serve them.
  • Mjölby
    #skolvåren back-office gathered for 24 hours in Mjölby in December, which was unique, as all previous physical meetings have taken place during #afk:s with school spring, which means focus is on that. But during these hours we could focus on meeting each other – and what a meeting it turned out to be!

20131231-101042.jpgThanks to all the school visionaries, Rasmus, Charlotte, Inga-Lill and Wivan, super- & TPLC coaches, Alan, David, Max, Ann, Therese, Susanne, all of my old time and new found friends and especially my beloved family – you all enrich my life!

As I write this I realize how much more there is, big and small, that has contributed to the year of 2013. I truly live a rich life. A life full of mountains and valleys, highs and lows, and I learn from it all! I wouldn’t want to be without any part of that which we cal life. So from the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank you for enriching my life!

I hope you’ll accept my thanks?

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