Gandhi has a question for us

That’s what my US mentor Max told me the other day, over SKYPE. I had to laugh, as this was when I was preparing for my speech at Rotary, and I had witten down a quote by Mahatma Gandhi a few days earlier, thinking that I wanted to use it in my presentation of #skolvåren (aka school spring).

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi

What Max said was this:

How will you provoke a response from the most powerful leaders in the land? – Gandhi

And in connection with #skolvåren, that sure is a good question to ponder! We have already made good headway, but it’s a long way to go.

So when my husband later that week asked me whether I would like to watch the movie about Gandhi with him, even though we have both seen it many years past, I just had to face that fact that someone’s trying to give me a message, indeed. Third time’s the charm!

So yes, I am listening. I am recalling the insights that came to me while reading a good biography a year or so ago, and also there’s the book ”Mahatma!” by Zac O’Yeah on my bedside table, that is just waiting for me to pick it up and start reading.

20130819-151034.jpgI am picking up several messages. One has to do with going at it a person at a time. Gandhi managed to awaken 350 million Indians, and while it took some time, the goal of India, free from the English, was succeeded in the end. Patience, that’s what Gandhi is telling me. And I feel patient. The rolling stone is moving already, and there’s no stopping it.

I was given a message, and it came to me in many forms.
Have you experienced this? If yes – did you listen to it?

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