Podcast 20/52 – total flip!

Today I’ve listened two times to a podcast that flipped my world. I had no idea. There’s so much in this episode of The One You Feed that poked at what I have previously known to be true, and now feel might not be. I am definitely eager to check out what Portugal has been doing, for instance, that’s for sure. And if what they seem to have done has been so radical, and successful, why haven’t I heard more about it?

Ok. By now you might be thinking, what has she meen smoking to get all woozy like this?

Well. Nothing. I swear. But interestingly enough, the episode is actually centered around the war on drugs. Check it out for yourselves, the episode is The One You Feed with Johann Hari, on the demons we face, and why waging war on them might only have gotten them to grow ever stronger… I for one am definitely gonna check out his book Chasing the scream, that’s for sure!

I also wonder if your guess on the percentage of people who use any type of drugs (legal or illegal) who ever have a problem with it is as off target as mine was?

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