Podcast 48/52 – how to be together?

As I was making raw food balls I listened to another maker, Ann Hamilton, in a conversation with Krista Tippett, from an episode of On Being, and as seems to be the norm these days, once I’d listened to the entire show, I pressed play yet again.

In a Times interview before the new millennia, Ann stated ”I want to bring to the surface the questions we should be asking” and Krista asks her what that question is today.

How to be together.” That’s her answer, and then she continues ”That seems like the biggest question. How to be together?”.

Look around you. Look at how we are towards each other. How do we interact? How do we disagree, without belittling or abusing our opponent? How do we maintain healthy relationships with people in our lives?

Look at yourself to start with, and how you are with yourself. But also, how are you with your closest family and friends, your colleagues, your circles of support? And what about going yet another step further towards the periphery: How are you with more distant acquaintances, in your social media circles and the like?how to be together

I, for one, struggle with this. Daily. Or, perhaps struggle isn’t the right word. Because I don’t fight with this. But I do take care, deliberately try to consider my actions in the world, to make sure that I make a positive impact. And the question really comes down to this:
How do I act in the world, moment by moment, so that I am true to myself, while at the same time interact with those around me, close or far apart, in a way that is congruent with my worldview?

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