The Forecaster

So I watched the DOX documentary ArmstrongThe Forecaster this week (available another 18 days on SVT Play for you swedes out there). First half fairly technical with regards to financial strategies and transactions, zooming way above my understanding of the financial world.

But still. A must-see.
Not because I know what he says is true. Not because I am in any way capable of judging the trustworthiness of his model. I have no clue as to his pi-model and whether or not it really works the way this documentary depicts it…. But it sure makes me think. It’s as if we live false lives. Lives where we have lost all sense of value and worth, and what is really important is so far off into the horizon we cannot even see it. BoldomaticPost_We-are-graced-with-idiots-Mar

It reminds me of the podcast where Dov Seidman, in the final Q&A if my memory serves me right, says that it’s up to us: We, the voters, have to stop listening to politicians that speak in short-term goals, and listen to, and elect, those with a longer vision. His example is JFK with his famous goal of ”we’re gonna put a man on the moon within the next decade”. JFK planned for something to be accomplished after his possible two terms as president of the USA.

When did you last hear a politician, prime minister, president, declare a (worthy) goal 10-20-50-100 years on? How often does it happen? Do they put action to their words? And even more important, because I can do naught but change what I do: Do I put action to my words?

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