Wow, you DO that?

Last weekend we picked the apples from our own apple trees. This weekend me and the kids went to my mother, and picked the apples from her apple trees. All the perfect specimens I carried up into the attic, where I placed them on news papers. Took this photo that I posted on Facebook:


Got a funny response from a friend who commented on my Facebook-post with an astonished: Wow, you DO that?

And yes. I DO do that! This year I am experimenting though, since the attic is actually almost empty after my #cleanse4expansion-process. Earlier years I’ve wrapped apples individually in news paper (with help from the rest of the family of course!) and put them in crates up in the attic, this year, I am trying a new technique.

more applesWill see which works best! There wasn’t as many apples as normal on my mom’s trees, so we will just have to see how long these will last us but some years we’ve had enough apples to last us until March! There’s still room for more though, so who knows, I just might go for some more apple hunting in the neighborhood!

The non-perfect apples we eat, make apple pie or crumble and apple sauce on, use in smoothies, yoghurt and porridge. Or make apple and carrot sallad as a sallad to go with dinner.

And last week I took out my apple peeler/corer and stood for hours making apple rings, that I hung on a clothes horse. Now they’ve all dried up and I have a large stack. Will try to make some more, as dried apple rings are the best candy ever!

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