Podcast 2/52 – On habits

You already know that The One You Feed is a favorite podcast of mine, so maybe it’s no surprise to you that I’ll include an episode from there early on in this yearlong series. But this is a mini-episode, where Eric Zimmer talks about building habits. It’s a short episode really just summarizing Erics best tips for how to build a habit successfully.

I won’t reveal all the different suggestions, except my favorite tip, which is one of the last ones: Never miss twice. Because I’m sure you, as well as I, have started to create a habit some time, only to realize all of a sudden that we´ve missed a day. Rather than beat yourself up over it and/or toss it all away, going There’s no point to it, I just missed a day, I’ll never be able to get this habit in please go Never miss twice instead. That is a loving and forgiving way to look at yourself and building of habits, because who cares if you miss a day? I mean, really. What’s the big deal? It’s like getting tossed off a horse, get back on again!never miss twice

I hope you listen to the podcast, and come back next Sunday for the next podcast tip.

Which one was your favorite tip? And are there any tips you have on building a habit that wasn’t on Erics list, that you’d like to share?

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