Egg number one!

Went out to the chicken coop today, to refill the food dispenser, and suddenly saw that the egg my husband put in the nest as a decoy, all of a sudden wasn’t the only egg in there.

An egg with company

An egg with company – left one placed there by husband as a decoy. It worked!

Immediately sent a text asking him is he put another egg in there…. before realizing how silly I was being, because as he very succinctly told me when I asked if he marked the egg he put in that ”Eggs from the hens wont have Best before-dates stamped on them”. Oh yeah, didn’t think of that…. But today I did, so I picked the other egg upp, and yeah, no best before-date anywhere!

Egg number one - and possibly the egg layer herself.

Egg number one – and possibly the egg layer herself.

We have had out first egg in other words, and I’m thrilled! Now it will be very exciting to see if the other two hens also start laying, and if it will be a daily occurrence or more of a slow start. If you have any experience with chickens, is there anything particular that we should be thinking of now?


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