What am I afraid of and who’s to blame?

What am I afraid of and who’s to blame? We center our lives around this question – according to Brene Brown – to the detriment of us all. Just started to listen to the RSA Talk that Brene Brown gave a while ago, and even though I’ve listened to it at least five times, I’ve never latched onto this question.

But today. Wham!! It hit me like a hammer on a nail that this is what is happening in Sweden today. And yesterday. And on election day. And the months leading up to Election Day… and so on. We have all fallen prey to the question of what I’m afraid of and who’s fault it is.

There are those that voted for the Swedish Democrats. This very question somehow seems to be at the very center of what that party is all about. A fear of/for a country (and a world) that is changing by the second, and being afraid of that change. Not wanting it. Not feeling safe with that change. Or whatever the rationale is… And the blame is put on immigrants.

Then there are those who didn’t vote for the Swedish Democrats. The people terrified or pissed off or personally offended by the racist dogma that somehow seems to have been the main focus during this general election in Sweden. And here the blame is placed on the people who sympathise with the Swedish Democrats.

And you know what?

It won’t work. Neither way.

We can’t create a good society if we base it on fear and blame. So regardless if you voted on the Swedish Democrats or you voted for something else, if you based that vote on fear (and blame), you will not get what it is you desire. You will not get a release of that fear. On the contrary, because of what you focus on, you will get more of that. So if you base your life on fear, fear you will have.

And I don’t wish living a life based on fear on my worst enemy. And I speak from a point of having done just that. So much of my life has been centered on fear. Knowingly sometimes, unknowingly the other times. But always this fear lurching beneath the surface. Menacing. Even making me fear fear.

But it’s not where I come from now. Today I am centered in love, and I know fear is a mind construct that I do not have to believe!

What would it take for you to start to look at your fears? Would it help if I told you fear is a figment of our imagination? It is not a Truth. It only lives in your mind.


Do you know what you are afraid of? Do you know why you voted on what you voted for this general election? Can you honestly tell me fear didn’t have anything to do with your choice?

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