I dreamed a dream…

…and that made me realize dreaming is one of the best examples of how all feelings stem from thought.

I was dreaming something strange last night. I was in that no mans land between being awake and sleeping, so I remember the dream sequence very vividly.

I was with my son in a room, and all of a sudden danger sprung. We managed to sneak into a safe room, and I searched for ways to make our predicament known to people outside. I finally found two small buttons, one which started a flashing light somewhere, and one which set of an alarm. The second I pressed the alarm-button my son got terrified and screamed out of fear, certain a new danger was facing him. I looked over at him at the same time I pressed the button, and when I saw his reaction I immediately pressed the button again to stop the alarm, all the while shouting to him that ”It was just me, it was just me!” to be able to get thru to him.

Then I woke up. For sure, this time, no mans land long gone. Terrified. With a dreadful feeling in my entire system. Wanting never ever to get into such a situation with anyone, let alone my son. Angry at myself for not having told my son about the alarm about to go off, angry at having put the two of us in this dangerous situation. Angry at the world for frightening my son like this.

Tried to go to sleep again. But once I wake up from dreams like these, I have a hard time to go back to sleep, because the feeling, and thought, stays with me. And my mind keeps on reiterating the dream sequence, over and over again, somehow ensuring that the feeling will not leave me.


And here’s the deal: The feeling is real. Oh so very real. No doubt in my mind about that! But the thought, the dream, that caused the feeling to arise, was just a thought. It was just a dream. It hasn’t happened for real. It’s a figment of my imagination, created in the way thought is created.

When this happens to me I try telling myself it’s not real, that it was just a dream, but in a sense, that just makes me stay in the feeling longer, because I stay in the thought. And as long as it’s with me, the feeling is with me as well. Sometimes, I manage to ”reset the stage”, go back to the dream, and play it over, imagining a different outcome, a different scenario, in this case perhaps never stepping into that room in the first place. I didn’t go down that route last night, but luckily, I did go back to sleep after a little while, and the dream did not come back. But the memory of the dream and my feelings was very strong when I woke up though and I just knew I had to write about this.

My conclusion?

Well, that feelings are real, regardless if they stem from a thought pertaining to a situation in my physical surroundings, or to a thought coming from my psychical surroundings (fully from within my head, like the dream). But they they DO come from thought. All feelings come from thought. Sometimes I have a hard time fully getting that. But this example makes it very clear to me, at this very moment. And I’ll just let myself be with that for a little while. Do you know what I mean?

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