On my very first visit ever to Seattle I also got to taste oysters for the very first time in my life. My friends took me to the Westward, a fairly new restaurant situated beautifully on the waterfront overlooking downtown Seattle and the Space Needle. Wonderful weather, amazing company – including a friend from my year as a foreign exchange student in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 89/90, so time sure has flown! – and the opportunity to try oysters for the first time ever.

Of course I accepted the challenge, and am I ever glad I did! We ordered one each of two kinds, the Wild Cats and the Kumomoto (the smaller black-shelled one), and I was taught the ropes. Spooned a wee bit of vinegar/finely chopped shallots-mixture on top, and down the hatch it went!


And you know what? I loved it! Imagine that huh, here I’ve gone 42 years without ever trying, and it turns out I love it. I’ve just never really seen the point to oysters, not really thinking it could be any good. The take-away is definitely not to take my thinking to be the Truth, because you just never know until you try!

You’ve probably got a similar story or two in your life, where you believed something and was proven wrong once you tried it?

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