Creation weekend of SCA2014

So, third out of a total of four weekends with Supercoach Academy 2014 has just begun, first day today. I stay with an Airbnb-host off Kensington Gardens, woke up this mornibng to sunshine, chirping birds and absolutely no traffic noice. Magnificent. Walked through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to get to the Washington Mayfair Hotel on Curzon Street which is our venue for the weekend, and got into a hugging frenzie. Really nice actually!

I am very pleased with the day, especially with a few choice moments, so I want to give an extra thanks to Kirsty, Peter and Patrik – you helped me zoom out and jump a few levels in conciousness today. For that I am very grateful.

And I mean, look at this, how can life be anything but lovely when this is the way London greet us all:

Kate and Wills palace

Kensington Garden, panoramic view

The Isis-statue in Hyde Park

Saw an egret sitting on a dock

Big fish in the Serpentine (also a whole bunch of swimmers I kid you not!)

Magnificent rose, if I could I’d pass along the smell of it as well!

Iris in full bloom

Helena in front of Helenae-roses (at least I think that’s what this was!)

Hope you had a lovely day as well?

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