Creation weekend #SCA2014, day 2

Creativity and creation, what is that, really? Is it something all humans have a capacity for? Or are there a few chosen people, born with the possibility to create?

The theme for the weekend in London is creation, and today we have dwelved into the concept even more, together with Aaron Turner. Lots of laughter, insights and sharing. So much so I feel all cheesecaked out (all participants of SCA2014 will understand the reference, and for the rest of you, imaging the feeling you get when you’ve overeaten cheesecake. Fancy some more food then? Not really, right? That’s the mental state I am in right now.)

So much so, that I have absolutely no way of trying to write down even a semblance of a coherent answer to the questions at the top of the post. But perhaps you have some thoughts on the matter?


After class I strolled across the street down to Shepherds Market, had a glass of cider and talked to some of my fellow SCAers, and then latched onto Carla, Caroline and Andrew for dinner. Magnificent dinner and dito company. What interesting conversations we had. I feel blessed for being in the company of so fascinating people! I promised to send them a link to a short clip on amazingness, which was one of the topics we covered at the dinner table. Here it is for all of you to see:

Once I got off the bus and walked the last few blocks home I was feeling a bit creative myself:


A tad Andy Warholish right? Creative, or just being a copy cat?

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