Strive for clarity

At Tender Greens, Santa Monica, they had these pictures on the wall, with the most profound messages. I’m gonna share them with you because I think they are worthy of being shared, each and every one. They are of the same quality as the Tender Greens food is, if you ever have a chance to try it, do!

Strive for clarity

Since so much of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, are about clarity, I took this as a good sign. We all have an innate wellbeing, but sometimes our thinking get’s muddled. It can be like a snow globe, which when shaken just turn a white blur, like a snowstorm. But if you let the globe be, it will settle, and there will be clarity. The same goes for our thinking. Once we stop trying so hard to think things through, moments of clarity usually come, and you just know the answer to whatever issue you were struggling with. Ever had that happen to you? You stop thinking about an issue, and at the gym, in the shower or driving your car, you suddenly get it? Had any recent moments of clarity?

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