SCA2014 Connection weekend, day two

Wow, what a day. Mara Gleason was our guest teacher/guide/conversation partner for the day, and it’s been a ride alright!

But it actually started with me finding Silvio down at the cafeteria of the hostel when I came down for breakfast, and he asked if I wanted to take a walk up to Columbia University. So we did, and it was really nice. Extra special since my little brother went there recently – looked like a really nice campus to spent time at!


Took the tube to Times Square, where I got off to walk the last blocks to the venue for the training. Two major things happened there today, major for me that is. The first was when I volunteered to be coached by Mara, which gave me reassurance concerning an assignment I’ve just taken on. The second was a one-on-one coaching exercise where my SCA-colleague Sacha Ivis guided me through a very significant meeting with one of my oldest and still alive & kicking squiggles.

Only SCA2014-participants might get the meaning of that right now, but there will be more on it here, sometime, for sure. But briefly, squiggles is what happens when I get stuck on a thought, and just can’t seem to let it go. Feels familiar?

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