SCA2014 Connection weekend, day three

Looking back at today I am very thankful that Silvio and I took a walk south in Central Park this morning, on the way to the venue. I miss nature, staying in the bustling city of New York, on Manhattan.

We walked past a sign stating this was The Swedish Cottage, but me and Silvio both agreed it looked more Austrian or something. But there was a sign stating it had been transported here from Sweden during the 1880s or something.

Coming close to the west border of the park, we could hear the thump thump of the city, almost like the heartbeat of it. I felt it was almost something I could touch. But I wasn’t ready to leave the expanse of nature and horizontal views just yet, so we walked a few more blocks inside the park instead, before finally venturing out into the land of tall buildings, plenty of people, the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the third day of Connection Weekend I got so much. Insights. And love. Tears. Big feelings. Hugs. Mara Gleason is really awesome, so if you have a chance to meet up with her, do, you won’t regret it!

After class I tagged along some friends of SCA, and have had an absolutely lovely evening! But am tired now, and ready to go to sleep, to rest up for the last half day of this second SCA2014-weekend.

And then the third leg of this journey begins. I am headed to a hotel, where I will also get a new room mate. My friend Rachel whom I’ve known for 20 years but have never met away from keyboard has come up from Alabama to meet up with me. Isn’t that amazing?

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