How good are you at acceptance? I have, historically, not been good at it at all, but I’m getting there. I got this EnneaThought yesterday though, and it sparked some thoughts:


I have gotten really good at accepting myself as I am. But also at loving myself, a step up from acceptance in my view. The same goes for other people. But the world. Hm. That’s a trickier issue I must say.

And I guess it really is the same process in work here. You see, when it comes to myself, I no longer believe I have to ”better myself”. I don’t see me as a self-improvement project, the Do-It-Yourself variety. Rather, all the changes that I go through, are me becoming more me. It’s be allowing myself to be me, fully. It’s me, shedding the layers of stuff, issues, constraints, patterns that I have put on myself, or had put on me by society because I thought that was ”the way it’s supposed to be”.

The same goes for the world I just realized. I accept the world as it is, but want to assist in letting the world shed all the stuff, issues, constraints and patterns that we – society – place upon the world, letting the world be more itself. Because I believe those patterns aren’t serving us or the world. And they are not natural laws or musts. They are mostly made up of beliefs and systems.

Interesting this. When I first read that statement, I felt a huge resistance to it. How to accept the world as it is, when I don’t think it is perfect and at the peak of what we can achieve, as mankind.

But during the time it’s taken me to write this blog post, I have let go of the resistance, the acceptance has grown, and I see that the world is perfect – it’s just that there’s a lot of stuff in the way of that perfectness shining through.

Far out? Yeah, likely. I’m ok with that. Are you? Do you accept yourself, others and the world just as they are?

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